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Hickory Library


A simple room with the profound ability to expand knowledge and cultivate creativity. Whether a student is finding facts and making discoveries or hiding away and letting their imagination soar; the Hickory Library, located in room 25, is a special place to be.
Contact us at hickorylibrary@hotmail.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Runs the Library? What If A Book Is Overdue?
What Are Library Permission Slips? What If A Book Is Damaged?
What Is Hickory's Check Out Policy? What Happens If A Book Gets Lost?
Can A Book Be Renewed?  

Who Runs the Library?

The Hickory Library is staffed by more than 80 PTA volunteers. For each of the 36 classes that visit weekly, there are usually, at least, three volunteers assisting in the library. During the year, the library works to provide support for individual class assignments (such as: 4th grade Mission Reports and the 5th grade State Reports) and school wide programs (Science Fair, Multicultural Week and Read Across the U.S.A.)

What Are Library Permission Slips?

Permission slips outline library rules and student responsibilities. Each new and returning student must return completed permission slips before any book can be checked out. A parent or guardian must also sign this form.
Click here for a printable library permission slip.

What Is Hickory's Check out Policy?

All students can check out one book per week during their scheduled classroom visit. Books are expected to be returned by the next class visit. Students cannot check out a new book until previous one has been returned.

Can A Book Be Renewed?

In special circumstances, and with prior teacher approval, a book can be renewed.

What If A Book Is Overdue?

If a student is absent or forgets to return a book, do not wait for the next class visit: put the book in the “Book Return Box” located in the school office. Overdue notices maybe sent home with the student. Remember, students cannot check out a new book until the previous one has been returned.

What If A Book Is Damaged?

Accidents happen and books do get worn out. Do not try to fix any book. Our library staff has special materials to repair damaged books. Please put a note in the book when it is returned and the volunteers will take care of it.

What Happens If a Book Gets Lost?

If a book is lost or severely damaged the student/parent or guardian must pay the replacement cost of that book. A notice will be sent home with the student. If the book is found by the end of the school year, the money will be refunded.

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Library Map

Looking for a specific book? Hickory has approximately 12,000 items in its collection that are designed to compliment the curriculum for each grade level. Our computerized catalog can locate a book by title, author or subject.

Library Map


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Library Class Schedule

Classes visit the library once a week for twenty-five minutes. This is also the time a student's previously checked-out book is due. In the schedule below, you can find your student's library time by locating his/her teacher's name.

Click here for the library schedule.

Note:   On Mondays, volunteers are working in the library processing new books, re-shelving, and updating the computer catalog.

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Book Wish Program

What is the Book Wish Program?

Simply put: it is a way to donate a book to the library and dedicate that book to someone in your life. Inside each book, a bookplate will be placed to honor your person or occasion. We can also send that person a card to announce that a book has been donated in their name. 100% of all funds received go to purchase these books. This is a generous gift that will be used and appreciated for years to come.

Hickory Library          

How the program works

  1. Please call the library (310) 533-4672 ext 3125, or email our librarian at hickorylibrary@hotmail.com, and we can provide you a list of books that you can choose from.

  2. Fill out the donation form.
    Click here to download Donation Form

  3. Return donation form to your student's teacher or the main office along with payment. Make checks out to Hickory PTA

  4. The library will send out a gift acknowledgement card to your honoree. A bookplate will be placed inside the book when it arrives.

Example of an Announcement Card:

Book Card Front Front of Announcement Card     Book Card Front Inside of Announcement Card

Examples of bookplates:

Book Card Front     Book Card Front

A gift for the Future

Honoring someone through the Book Wish Program is a wonderful way to commemorate any occasion. It is also a direct way to improve one of our most valuable educational resources – Hickory's library. . Currently, the library only is able to purchase books through monies given by the PTA. 100% of all funds received go to purchase these books.

Books have the amazing ability to enlighten, educate and inspire. We believe that the quality of our library collection and its maintenance is essential. To bring the quality and our quantity of books up to the California school library average we need approximately 1600 more books. To give some perspective, it's only two new books per Hickory student.

Thank you for supporting our students...our future.

For more information, email Laura at

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How Parents Can Help

Donate a Book

By donating a book, you give a gift that will be used and appreciated for years to come. Through our donation program, you may purchase a book in honor of your family or anyone you wish to acknowledge.

Be A Librarian!

Parents and friends, who believe in this valuable learning resource, keep the library open by volunteering time. We need your help, even if you can only spare a 1/2-hour. Here's a partial list of some things volunteers do:

  • Help students find books
  • Check library material in and out
  • Return books to proper shelves
  • Straighten and keep shelves organized
  • Process new material
  • Mend damaged books

Click here for a printable library volunteer form.

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Other Library Resources

Torrance Public Library

The Torrance Public Library, with its many convenient branches and online catalog, is another great learning resource for our students. The library also provides many youth programs and activities for students to participate in. Check it out!

Torrance Main Library

Katy Geissert Civic Center Library
3301 Torrance Blvd.
Torrance, CA 90503
(310) 618 – 5959

Torrance Public Library website:   www.ci.torrance.ca.us/library/5465.htm

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